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PACE is a recognised nurturing school and the six principals of nurture are at the heart of everything we do.  At PACE we ensure our curriculum is exciting, broad, well balanced and intent on re engaging children with their learning journey.   
English and Maths are an integral part of our curriculum and are taught daily.  One of our primary aims is to improve pupils’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.  We place great value on this and love to celebrate all aspects of the children’s literacy achievements.  We strive to inspire the children and improve their math’s skills through challenging and motivating lessons. 
Our topic based creative curriculum accesses many geographical and historical events whilst also incorporating art, music and other foundation subjects. We rotate our creative curriculum in a 2 year rotation.  Science, RE, MFL, swimming, PE and computing are also taught.
Our bright and stimulating learning environment promotes and celebrates all pupils' achievements.  Our caring, well trained staff always promote the health and well being of our pupils. 
Please refer to our offer for more details of our curriculum.
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