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As a parent or carer we understand you will have plenty of questions when preparing for your child to come to PACE.

Our local offer attempts to answer many of these, but you can visit the rest of our website to find out more. We will also be happy to answer any questions over the phone or arrange for you and your child to visit the school, so please just get in touch.

What is the school’s approach to teaching and learning?

At PACE we want to inspire the children and fully re engage them with their education. Before your child even starts at PACE, we want to learn as much about your child as possible. We will speak to their mainstream school, you and your child and work hard to make sure that we understand what works for you and what you both want to achieve whilst at school. We want to learn about what your child enjoys, what their strengths are and what they are interested in.

On starting at PACE, we will already have an idea of your child’s ability through the assessment information we will request from their mainstream school. Class teacher will also complete baseline assessments to find the level your child is working at. This will help teachers to plan lessons and set achievable yet challenging targets for your child. We will continue to regularly assess your child during their time at PACE and we really enjoy celebrating pupil’s progress, achievements and successes. At all review meetings which are held every term with your child’s mainstream school, teachers will provide detailed progress reports to inform you on how your child is progressing and their attainment levels across the core subjects.

Pupils are grouped in small, mixed year group classes with a teacher and Senior Learning Assistant. PACE offers a broad and balanced curriculum, concentrating on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science whilst also offering cross curricular topics (See our topics part of the website) which change on a termly basis. All staff work tirelessly to provide a rich, vibrant and engaging learning environment for the children.

Within the school week, PACE also concentrate on the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning through nurture sessions and Relax Kids  with our qualified Relax kids coach.  We aim to help the children to recognise their feelings and to arm them with strategies to help them to deal with challenging situations they may encounter.

Part of our timetable at PACE also includes a creative curriculum. This includes lessons such as Music, Art, Design Technology, History and Physical Education. The children also receive weekly swimming lessons throughout the year.

The children at PACE are supervised fully throughout the day. This allows the staff to work closely with your child and give them the attention they require. Breakfast and dinner times are an important part of the day at PACE as this is a social activity and a time where staff can model appropriate behaviour.

All of our staff have received communication training from the Speech and Language Therapists and have also been trained in strategies to help children with additional needs such as ADHD and ASD. All ASD friendly strategies can be implemented in the classroom by staff.

PACE will work closely with yourselves and your child’s mainstream school over the course of two terms with the aim of re integrating your child to mainstream education or helping you find a suitable specialist provision.

At PACE we use the Boxall Profile as an assessment tool. The Boxall Profile focuses on identifying a child’s developmental needs and the level of skills they possess to access learning. It then breaks these areas down into detailed strands that we as teachers are able to focus our attention upon in order to support each child with their specific areas of difficulty.

How accessible is the school?

Our building and surroundings offer a stimulating environment for our pupils to learn and enjoy their time at PACE.  The building is situated on the same site as Key Stage 3, two miles from the town centre.

Policies and procedures can be obtained from the school website or on request from school.

We know how daunting the first day of a new school can be for pupils and parents. A planning meeting and tour of PACE will be organised to discuss your child’s admittance to PACE. Your child will be given a handbook prior to starting to help both of you learn about the routine of the school including timings for the day, lesson information and contact details.

How does the school keep pupils safe?

Your child’s safety and welfare is of the highest importance to us.

The staff at PACE have a duty to protect the safety of everyone in the building. All staff are authorised to use physical intervention and/or restrictive physical intervention in the following circumstances:

A – A child is endangering the safety of another pupil.

B – A child is endangering their own safety.

C – A child is endangering the safety of a member of staff.

D – A child is causing/attempting to cause criminal damage to property or the building.

E – A child’s behaviour is prejudicial to good order.

Any physical intervention used will be carried out in such a way as to try to safeguard the child and staff’s well being and dignity and used for the minimum amount of time possible in order to bring the situation under control. We are aware that any physical intervention is upsetting for both children and staff. All staff have been advised of the safest way to intervene and have received full training. After the child has calmed a member of staff will discuss the problem and need for holding with the child.

Risk assessments are produced for all areas and activities on and off-site. Risk assessments are also obtained from external activities.  

From the moment your child arrives at school to the time the school day finishes, your child will be well supervised and supported by our team of highly skilled and trained staff.

For those pupils who access transport, the Local Authority will ensure that their journey to and from school is managed effectively and supported by the appropriate staff.

Bullying is not tolerated at PACE and even minor incidences will be dealt with promptly. We have adopted PACE's Friendship Tree where the children are encouraged at all times to be mindful of others feelings and courteous to each other.  If your child feels they have been bullied they can tell any staff member but there are also posters/leaflets around the school with information about who they can talk to in confidence. We sometimes have assemblies about bullying, especially during anti-bullying week.

If your child is unwell during their time at school we will communicate with you and ensure that your child is well looked after and receives the correct medical support, if required.

PACE has always has a fully qualified in first aider on site. 

The emotional wellbeing of all of our pupils is considered in all areas of our school’s activities.

How does the school communicate with parents?

From the moment that we know that your child will be coming to our school we will begin to communicate and liaise with you to ensure that we develop the strongest relationship with you and the best understanding of your child possible. Before your child starts we will meet with you and answer any questions or address any concerns that you or your child may have.

If you need to speak to anyone at PACE you can ring the main school number. We operate an open door policy and so you can call in if you have a general enquiry at any time.

PACE operates a token economy reward system through PACEO’s and if your child has collected enough points throughout the day by being rewarded for their good behaviour, they will come home with a celebration certificate every day.

You will be invited to all your child’s progress reviews. These events act not only as a great way to offer support and advice to our parents, but as an opportunity to talk with you and your child’s mainstream school, and answer any questions you may have.

We conduct regular parental surveys to understand what we are doing well and what areas we can improve. We want to ensure that you are able to share your views and help us deliver the highest possible standards of education, care and support for you and your child.

We understand the importance of confidentiality and operate to the highest standards possible to ensure that we communicate with you in an appropriate, considerate and confidential manner around all aspects of your child’s education and care.

How does the school promote working together?

The continued success of our school is in many ways down to our commitment to work closely with our pupils, parents and mainstream schools. Everyone is encouraged to contribute and play their part in making our school the best it can be. By working together and understanding every individual child’s needs, we will be in the best position possible to meet and exceed the objectives for your child as detailed in their reviews.

Pupils are able to complete questionnaires about life at PACE and their views and feedback will be taken into account through the pupils’ voice feedback forms.

Our staff will work with other people involved in your child’s care. Sometimes external agencies from services who support families such as health workers, social workers, IASS, CAMHs and other agency leaders need to meet with school staff. They are invited to meetings to share their ideas which can be arranged at school.

If you have further questions or you would like to arrange to visit the school, please contact Stuart Toole, on 01744 677175 or






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