Pupil Premium




Evidence and Rationale

How will you ensure it is implemented well?

Staff lead

When will you review implementation?


Estimated cost

Designated member of staff to drive progress, aspiration and experiences of Pupil Premium pupils

Pupils, parents and schools have all stated that YP respond better when they have  a key worker as a central point of contact

Keyworker reviews each term

Monthly reviews with TiC

Feedback from pupils and parents


All staff


All schools gave positive feedback

Pupils felt supported and more able to cope than when in mainstream


Provide smaller teaching groups

Reduced class sizes to support all students

Monitoring of group data termly to ensure pupils are in groups that enable them to make expected progress and are sufficiently challenged


All staff


Pupils make progress against personal and academic targets


Staff meetings and CPD sessions to share quality teaching strategies for  PP pupils

Develop teaching of disadvantaged pupils through sharing of good practice. 

Collaboratively planned sessions and meeting minutes. CPD attended by leadership line management



CPD programme was supported across the service as well as bespoke unit specific training required for more specialist areas.


Bespoke sessions from external agencies, who motivate pupils and support their emotional health and well- being.

Work in partnership with external agencies that are available to support in targeted areas of pupil awareness and  development

Evaluation of the impact of each session undertaken and discussed as a staff team. 




Pupils access sessions from TAZ, YPDAAT, Careers Connect, Barnardos, Cells, MALS, State of Mind, Amy Whinehouse Foundation


Outdoor Education/ Enrichment programme offered to Year 11 students

To provide enrichment opportunities and a range of outdoor experiences for pupils to enhance and develop new skills and to work on team building opportunities

Annual programme is reviewed and discussed as staff team.



Outdoor  Ed team


Pupils visit a number of different places in the local area and have an opportunity to gain D of E and other accreditations.   


Tourism visit to Knowsley Safari Park

This trip is part of the accreditation needed for the tourism qualification but it is also a local attraction that some pupils may not have visited.

Pupils should pass their tourism qualification and also learn about conservation and wildlife in general.


Teacher of Tourism


Pupils will gain WJEC Tourism Level 1/ 2 qualification






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