Alternative Education Team

The Alternative Education team form part of the continuum of support provided by St Helens Alternative Provision Service.

Based within Peoples Services the small team offers a comprehensive service to all St Helens High Schools and Academies seeking Alternative Provision for 14-16 year old learners (to support learning and reduce the risk of permanent exclusion from mainstream settings).

Our Aims and Objectives are to offer students bespoke learning experiences by employing the services of provisions who have a student-centred approach to learning. The providers are experts in their own vocational field and offer tailored packages to maximise student attainment and to support the transition to post 16 education or further training. Tracking and monitoring of student progress and achievement is carried out in partnership with the local authority.

The services offered to schools comprise of:

  • A formal process involving a comprehensive independent quality assurance check on all systems in place.
  • A comprehensive referral process involving school, parent / carer and young person to ensure that all learners are placed quickly and appropriately according to their interests and ability.
  • Flexible learning packages to provide a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Mixed packages with mainstream schools to support engagement in vocational learning opportunities.
  • Robust learner tracking including attendance and progress reporting on a six weekly and termly basis.
  • Termly organised quality assurance checks with support for staff to prepare for inspection.
  • Dedicated Learning Mentors to support / improve attendance and maintain contact with disengaged learners.
  • An annually updated directory of provision listing the alternative curriculum and learning offer available in St Helen's.


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