In addition to the formal teaching of core and subsidiary subjects in lessons; we are pleased to offer a variety of enrichment lessons and activities to our pupils. These activities compliment what is taught and allow our young people to develop interests outside the classroom. They are designed to develop many skills, which will help them in all aspects of their life in and out of school.

We offer a variety of enrichment activities each afternoon:



We offer several physical activities to our pupils. These activities are designed to give our students an interest, and the opportunity to pursue them as a hobby outside of school. We have links with local SEMH providers and sports clubs, which offer our students the opportunity to play competitively football against these organisations. This teaches them about the importance of fair play and sportsmanship. Our students are also given the opportunity to walk as a group in local areas of interest or to travel further afield.



All students have access to Art sessions with qualified staff. These sessions are offered as part of a timetable and taught in groups. They also have the offer of 1-1 therapeutic Art sessions during the week. All pupils engage in crafts, model making, batique and other craft techniques.



A peripatetic music teacher works with our pupils for 1 hour per week. There is also the opportunity for pupils to engage in musical activities in the afternoon. Musical instruments are available for pupils to practice at home. The instruments that we offer are guitar and keyboard. Pupils enjoy the small group learning, helping to develop new skills. The art of music also encourages our students to become more patient and resilient. Individual lessons can be arranged too.



When possible, we work hard to ensure that our pupils have the experience of trips and visits to new places. We visit the likes of museums, art galleries, and theatres on occasions. Our students can access outdoor activities such as water sports with trained instructors. There are regular walking trips to local beauty spots and places of local interest. These are very popular with our pupils. We all enjoy our annual “English” trip to the Welsh Mountain Zoo.



These activities foster teamwork, patience, and fair play. These also help our young people to socialise, and to have a sense of enjoyment. Often our young people have only limited experience of these activities. They are an important part of our social skills development. There are also great mental health benefits to be gained from these activities.



We try and provides our students with an essential life skill in being able to cook and look after their health. In addition, cooking and baking offers students a great sense of independence as they begin to take ownership of their stations, the food they use, timekeeping, and even multi-tasking. Cooking and baking has brought, and continues to bring, a great deal of fun and pleasure amongst our students, which encourages them to cook more within their own living environments, and develops their pre-existing or newfound self-reliance.

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