Following the release of the 'Statutory Guidance for Alternative Provision' from the DfE in January 2013, the PRU Management Committee was reconfigured.

The Chair of the Management Committee is Janette Devine who can be contacted through the local authority.

The Committee is made up of senior representatives of local Primary, Special and High schools and staff from Alternative Provision.

The PRU Management Committee has a strategic role in the setting out and monitoring of the aims and objectives of the unit to ensure children are safe, have their needs met and receive a good standard of education.

Management Committee Members


Term Start - End

Chair of Governors



Community Governor

Sara Johnson

11.11.19 – 10.11.23

Community Governor

Anne Kyle

14.03.22 - 13.03.26

Community Governor

Melanie Lockley

14.03.22 - 13.03.26

Community Governor

Mandy Pierce

14.03.22 - 13.03.26

Staff Governor Donna Norton 11.07.22 - 10.07.26

Associate Member

Jason Pickett

1.6.19 – 31.5.23

Community Governor

Nicola Laughton

1.9.21 - 31.8.24

Community Governor

Warren Brooks

14.03.22 - 13.03.26

Community Governors

Anthony Williams

14.03.22 - 13.03.26

Community Governor

Ian Young

30.11.20 - 29.11.24

Head of School

Rachel Guyer

14.03.22 - 13.03.26

PRU Management Membership

Governor Roles and Responsibilities

Governor Nomination Form 

Declarations of Interest

Attendance 2021-2022

Historical Member Records


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