Parent/Pupil Voice

Parent Voice

"Words just can't do justice to the outstanding care and education the team at Tuition Service have given our daughter and family.

Our daughter joined them a withdrawn, fatigued and sick teen with complex medical needs. She had been too unwell to attend mainstream school and felt totally unsafe while in the school environment down to medical conditions and their lack of understanding.   It was a difficult decision for us all but after the first few hours we knew it was the right one. When asked how her first session had gone she replied “I feel SAFE".  This was the turning point for her road to recovery.
Everyone at the school is simply amazing and how they provide such a rounded education and a safe environment is a credit to them individually and as a team.   Not only do they teach but they manage to build confidence in teens who have many diverse problems.

The school truly goes above and beyond for the pupils.  We as a family can't thank them enough. They manage to teach pupils with poor attendance, unique learning needs and still get superb exam results.

Having a chronically sick child is simply the worst time of a parent’s life.  Without Tuition our family was living in despair at the education system.  We had no support, no understanding, just obstacles in our way.  Tuition took the time to understand our daughter’s conditions and what SHE needed for her to achieve her potential. They listened to her medical professional’s advice and it worked.  From the first day she went from strength to strength and achieved the most amazing results despite her attendance in school.  It's a true sanctuary of hope and possibilities. They will be in our hearts forever; we will never forget what they did for our determined daughter.  THANK YOU"


"My daughter has improved 100% in attitude and now is interested in coming to school which I never thought would happen, she seems so much happier and a different girl, I never thought she would achieve the attendances she has.  I know she’s still ‘work in progress’, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Thanks so much for all your hard work."


"My daughter’s time at Tuition has done brilliant things for her.  It has brought her confidence out a lot.  She has become happier.  The work that the teachers do with everyone is amazing, actually going out of their way to help.  As a result of my daughter’s progress, she is now doing her GCSE’s with confidence."


"Although my son has only been at Tuition a short time, I feel he has finally been at the ‘right place’.  He has made friends and has had good relationships also with teachers and staff.  I feel my son’s confidence has grown and I know he has enjoyed being here."


"Many thanks to Tuition for helping my daughter with her difficulties; they have been very supportive of her during my daughter’s difficult times.  Thank you so much."


"I have seen a dramatic change and turnaround in my daughter both in her personality and education since she has been with you.  I am exceptionally proud of my daughter; she has come a long way."


"My daughter’s artwork and presentation along with the other pupils is inspirational and you as teachers should be proud of your knowledge, experience and input.  Finally a big thank you."


"The Tuition Service have been fantastic with my son.  The progress he has made over a short period of time is amazing.  All staff and students are very friendly and seem very happy.  Staff are incredible.  I am so pleased my son attends here.  He is happy here!"


"I think Launchpad Tuition is wonderful, I couldn’t ask for a better place for my son.  The staff are fantastic and my son is coming along brilliantly, all due to them.  Today has been great seeing all the agencies we can access that I would never have known about.  Keep up your fantastic work."


"I came into the Beacon today as it was Mental Health week.  After hearing Rob, the Teacher in Charge speak about school’s help with the children who attend here it got me interested.

Two former pupils of the Beacon spoke up in front of many family members.  The speeches were heartfelt and I was amazed at these two young adults speak about their hardships and how issues affected their lives and how well they have learned to cope and move forward in their lives through the help of their families and Launchpad Tuition.  It was an amazing speech from both young adults and inspiring."


Student Voice

"The hardest part of all of this was coming to terms with who I was. I hadn’t a clue as to why I felt this way growing up, nor did the people around me, as it wasn’t something widely spoken about in the media. I always knew I was different though; from the way I dressed, to the way I spoke and to the way I felt when spending time with my male friends.

As soon as I entered mainstream, that’s when everything began to make sense, almost like a light-bulb flickering inside my head. After becoming aware, that’s when I began to do my research, watching videos after videos of people going through their journeys, openly accepting themselves as transgender, and that’s when it hit me -- this is it, this is who I am. Don’t get me wrong, I did keep it a secret for a few years, wallowing in self-hatred, until I finally had enough.

Trust me, it was extremely hard to come out and it took me a while to gain the courage, but as soon as I did, things became lighter, my shoulders became lighter and the constant bickering in my brain became quieter and I had finally, after years of torture, relieved myself of some of the stress eating away at me. This journey will be hard and there will be times when you just want to give up because you feel that it’s easier, but you must remember that it’s completely normal to feel this way and that at the end of the tunnel there is always light, and you’re never alone in this. If your family/friends don’t accept you, I will. And I’m proud of you."


"Tuition Service has helped me by getting my head back on track and helped me get somewhere with my work and made me improve a bit with my confidence."


"Tuition Service is an amazing place and helps and allows people to recognise their true personality and physical appearance."


"I like chatting to the teachers, and they are very supportive.  I enjoy the lessons even if they are tricky and a challenge.  I’m very delighted to be here.  I will sadly miss Tuition Service after this year."


"Tuition Service is amazing and the teachers are brilliant.  They have helped me so much and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else."


"I enjoy Tuition Service because the staff are supportive and don’t treat you like kids."


"Tuition Service has helped me so much physically and mentally.  All staff are amazing, love them all.  Never want to leave."

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