It is compulsory for all students at Launchpad to wear a college style uniform each day.

Students must wear a plain black or red polo shirt with NO LOGOS and a jacket or Hoodie. Students are all allowed to wear their own trousers and sensible footwear. These include black trousers, jeans, leggings, knee length skirts, loose fitting knee length shorts or tracksuit bottoms.

Students should wear black pants or skirt with either a black or red top. We will also accommodate warm weather, however clothes should not be revealing eg shorts/skirts must be knee length and pupils are not allowed to have their stomachs showing. The requirements of this will be explained during your induction meeting. 
Whilst we will work with parents and pupils to address sensory issues, this must be pre-arranged with the Teacher in Charge. Students arriving in inappropriate or revealing uniform will be given correct uniform to wear. Failure to do this will result in parents being called to collect their child so they can return in correct uniform.
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