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As a parent or carer we understand you will have plenty of questions when preparing for your child to enter our provision.

Our local offer attempts to answer many of these, but you can visit the rest of our website to find out more. We will also be happy to answer any questions over the phone or arrange for you and your child to visit the school so please just get in touch.

What is the school’s approach to teaching and learning?

Before your child starts at Launchpad KS4 PRU, we want to learn as much about your child as possible. We will have an initial planning meeting, which allows all parties concerned to discuss a plan for your child’s weekly provision. This would usually involve your child, yourself, a representative from their mainstream school, usually our Family Liaison Officer and the teacher in charge at Launchpad. Currently we are limiting face to face meetings and will ask that just one parent attends to sign the necessary documentation. We work hard to make sure that Launchpad works for your child and planning meetings are important as we are keen to set up a provision that works best to suit your child’s needs. We want to learn about what your child enjoys, what their strengths are and what they are interested in.

Your child has been referred to KS4 as it is felt that they are capable of gaining GCSE’s. On starting at KS4 your child will undertake baseline assessments in Maths, English and Science, CAT tests, reading and spelling ages. We aim to complete all assessments before starting alternative provision to ensure that the provision is right for you. Baseline assessments help to find the level your child is working at as they enter the school. The results will help teachers to plan lessons and set achievable yet challenging targets for your child. We will continue to regularly assess your child during their time at Launchpad and we really enjoy celebrating pupil achievements and successes as they develop. Keyworkers are allocated to all students and are your first point of contact. Keyworkers will provide informal progress reports on a regular basis to you and let you know how they are getting on. On a more formal basis reports are completed every half term with a more detailed report at Christmas and at the end of the summer term. Reviews are held in January and July.

Pupils are grouped according to levels and group dynamics within their appropriate Key Stage. All Year 11 students attending Launchpad for 3 days will access a timetable of Maths, English, Biology, Tourism, RE and PSHE. Year 10 students will follow timetable of Maths, English, Biology, ICT, Functional Skills, and PSHE. All students will work towards GCSE accreditation and Functional Skills are also offered in Maths, English and ICT. Optional subjects in Childcare, Gym & Fitness, History, and Art are also offered to Year 11 students with range of accreditation routes to GCSE level.

All our classes are small in size and with current COVID restrictions are limited to 4, with one Teacher. We have two SLA’s supporting all staff throughout the school day should any young people need additional support outside the classroom.

Currently learners will attend for 2 or 3 day provision and will be on alternative provision for the remainder of their week. Alternative providers offer an opportunity for student’s to enhance their academic studies with vocational qualifications in another setting. In previous years we have offered 5 day provision to Year 11 students, but have kept students in year group bubbles due to COVID and will review at the October half term.

Careers Connect provides a service, which supports our students in their preparations for Post 16 education. We make a commitment to all of our students going on to college that we will support them as much as they need to ensure that the transition and their time after Launchpad is a success. Through our PSHE programme we will work with a variety of agencies to support your child’s health and well-being and personal development overall.

How accessible is the school?

Our building and surroundings offer a welcoming environment for our pupils to learn and enjoy their time at Launchpad. Our school is on one level and is easily accessible for all. We also have disabled toilets which accommodate wheelchairs. We will always endeavour to support every child’s need in ensuring they are able to access our buildings and classrooms as fully as possible. Now that students are no longer allowed off site at break and lunch we have worked hard to improve areas where students can relax and be safe. The outdoor area has been developed and we have a designated student area where students can play table tennis, table football or on the Playstation.

At Launchpad KS4 we have a dedicated team who work closely with pupils and parents to ensure everyone is able to access the school in a fully supported and personalised manner. You can find information about the school in an information pack provided at your child’s planning meeting and a website is also available for updates. Information for pupils is displayed on walls around the school and in all classrooms. Policies and procedures can be obtained from the school website or on request from school. We know how daunting the first day of school can be for pupils and parents so if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to give us a call.

How does the school review and evaluate outcomes?

All pupils have targets set in each subject. You will be invited to a review meeting to discuss the progress made by your child academically and socially and to discuss their targets going forward. A more detailed report and reviews take place twice a year in January and at the end of the academic year. A half termly report is also provided to keep you updated on your child’s progress in all subject areas. Your child will take a role in preparing for meetings to review targets and progress and will be expected to attend and contribute to the review meeting.

All students are baseline assessed and Year 10 will have end of term assessments and Year 11 complete mocks in November and February.

How does the school keep pupils safe?

Your child’s safety and welfare is of the highest importance to us. When your child starts at Launchpad KS4 all parties involved in the planning stage will sign a contract and a number of consent forms. Risk assessments are produced for all areas and activities when students go off-site.

Whenever your child goes off-site our staff will have obtained risk assessments for the activity and will complete their own risk assessment taking into account the location and the pupils going. Our approach to risk is ‘risk beneficial, not risk adverse’. This means that our pupils are able to experience a range of activities, but are able to do so in a safe and controlled environment.

From the moment your child arrives at school to the time the school day finishes, your child will be well supervised and supported by our team of highly skilled and trained staff. For those pupils who require transport, we will ensure that a bus pass is provided and this will be arranged during their first couple of weeks. Please note that if the bus pass is lost that you will have to pay for a replacement.

All school staff contribute to a staff briefing every Wednesday and any information or messages regarding pupils are disseminated to staff so the school always operates with a high level of understanding about any issues or any changes to the individual needs of each child.

Bullying is not tolerated at Launchpad and all incidents will be dealt with promptly. If your child feels they have been bullied they can tell their keyworker or any staff member. Please encourage your child to talk to staff if they have any concerns or worries as we are here to help.

How do we support medical needs in school?

Any child with an EHCP will have their health information kept on records so that staff working with your child are aware of their needs and if they have any medication requirements. Before your child starts at Launchpad we will talk with you and ensure we have all the relevant health information from you as well as ask you to sign a consent form.

If your child is unwell during their time at school we will communicate with you and ensure that your child is well looked after and receives the correct medical support, if required.

If your child needs to take medication at school our staff will make sure they are given the right amount at the right time. They keep it safely locked in a secure cupboard and make sure they record the medication, the amount and the time it was given to your child by signing and countersigning the record sheet.

The emotional wellbeing of all of our pupils is considered in all areas of our school’s activity.

How does the school communicate with parents?

From the moment that we know that your child will be coming to our school we will begin to communicate and liaise with you to ensure that we develop the strongest relationship with you and the best understanding of your child possible. Before your child starts we will have a planning meeting and answer any questions or address any concerns that you or your child may have.

Your child will be given a keyworker who should regularly update you on your child’s progress at least every fortnight. We are communicating more via email so please ensure that we have an address. If you need to speak to anyone in the school you can ring the main school number. If the person you want is teaching or in a meeting they will return the call as soon as they can. You can make an appointment to speak to specific staff, but we are trying to limit face to face meeting at this time but please do not hesitate to give us a call. We also operate an E Praise system which you can access to see how your child is performing in class.

Parents will also be invited to attend reviews alongside your child’s mainstream school to look at their development and plan our next steps. It is also expected that parents attend disciplinary meetings when necessary. (this will depend on COVID restrictions in place).

We value the thoughts and opinions of our pupils and their parents and carers, even if it is about an issue that you feel that we have not dealt with well. When your child joins the

school we will make you aware of our complaints procedure and let you know how we will respond to any complaints you may have. You can also give verbal feedback to the school at any time.

We conduct parental surveys to understand what we are doing well and what areas we can improve. We want to ensure that you are able to share your views and help us deliver the highest possible standards of education, care and support for you and your child.

We understand the importance of confidentiality and operate to the highest standards possible to ensure that we communicate with you in an appropriate, considerate and confidential manner around all aspects of your child’s education and care.

How does the school promote working together?

The continued success of our school is in many ways down to our commitment to work closely with our pupils, parents and their families. Everyone is encouraged to contribute and play their part in making our school the best it can be. By working together and understanding every individual child’s needs, we will be in the best position possible to meet and exceed the objectives for your child as detailed in their reviews.

Pupils are able to complete questionnaires about school life and their views and feedback will be taken into account at their termly review, or through the pupils’ voice feedback forms.

Our staff will work with other people involved in your child’s care. Sometimes external agencies such as health workers, social workers, Priority Families, CAMHS and other agency leaders need to meet with school staff. They are invited to meetings to share their ideas which can be arranged at school.

What help and support does the school offer to families?

We understand that to achieve the best outcomes for your child we will also need to work closely and offer support and help to you and your family. We offer many different types of practical help and resources for you to support your child outside of school.

We will communicate with you regularly so we are aware of the help you need and find out how to obtain it. It might be help to improve your child’s health, independence, college options or activities outside school.

When you are planning for your child’s future including college options our Career’s Connect Advisor can provide guidance and support, arranging college visits if needed. We are also able to support your child in accessing career events and advice that will help them gain a greater understanding about the options available to them and more information about the jobs and careers that interest them.

What additional curriculum support does the school offer?

Homework is provided to all pupils and is tailored for each subject. We will continue to offer homework packs so that if we were to go into lockdown or your child needs to self -isolate they will have work to complete. We are also working towards a remote system for this purpose. As we approach the busy exam season revision packs and classes are also provided and offered in each subject. All staff at Launchpad are willing to provide additional support for their subject after school also. We recognise that a number of students may be anxious as they have missed some considerable time out of education and we are making every effort to support students to catch up in their gaps of learning.

If you have further questions or you would like to arrange to visit Launchpad KS4, please contact Tracey Harvey on 01744 673351 or



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