Feedback From Our Schools

Byrchall High School

“The Beacon centre offers extensive support to the pupils who attend their setting and remain in regular contact with schools through a YP’s stay at the centre. They are clear on what YP needs are and willing to support YP on a transition back to mainstream.”

Cowley International College

“The service is invaluable.  Quite often we have students who are unable to come into school, long term and short term, but who want education.  The Tuition service often plugs that gap until the young person can return to full time education.

For longer term students, the teachers build up excellent relationships that help the young people to build confidence enough to return to either mainstream education or further education.

I know of several young people who have gone on to obtain success in examinations and who have attributed this to the help and support they received from their tutor.

The service ensures that all young people receive an education, even if this is part time.  Without it young people who are unable to attend school would not receive an education “ 

Outwood Academy Haydock

“Tuition services have been integral ensuring our most vulnerable students receive vital education whilst assessments are being completed and social, emotional and mental health issues are being addressed. More recently the communication and feedback to schools has been more frequent and detailed highlighting the progress students are making. This has allowed the necessary interventions to be swift and any amendments to provision to be made.

We have seen several successes and have used case studies with both Ofsted and Local Authority Inspection teams that have shown how students have either been fully reintegrated into mainstream education and how some students have progressed on to post 16 education.”

Rainford High

"The service that we as a school and in particular some of our most vulnerable students receive from Tuition Services (Beacon) is superb.

The communication in the first instance is excellent and the positive staff relationships that have been developed have ensured that we have been able to provide robust and appropriate bespoke packages for the different learners that go from our school to the Beacon."

St Cuthberts RC

"The curriculum offer is tailored to the individual and the planning and review meetings with staff and parents/carers are completely student orientated.

This allows the diet that the learners are exposed to, to be as wide ranging as possible within their capabilities whilst still pushing them for progress both academically and holistically and address the key concerns and reasons their place was sought there for in the first place.

The current learners we have there as well as many previous have benefited massively from the service as is evident in their own responses as well as that of their parent/ carers and their ability to go on in to further education and training something that seemed a long way off prior to them accessing the provision."

Hope Academy

"I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to you and your staff for the dedication, time and commitment that has contributed to the superb exam results achieved by our year 11 students in this summer’s GCSE’s.  These students were very complex in their needs, each requiring a very high level of support that was bespoke and personalised.  

I understand that this high level of achievement can only be maintained with a carefully managed curriculum package incorporating personal study support and social and emotional support for mental health/ medical difficulties which demands a great deal of time to gain high levels of success.  This is what makes the Beacon special and why the students do so well in this alternative environment.

On behalf of the staff of Hope Academy, our students are extremely lucky to have access to such excellent provision, when the mainstream environment is simply too much for them."

Principal Officer for Looked After Children|St Helens Council

"Thank you for your email regarding what GCSE subjects and additional outcomes that you offer to your students.  Given the nature of the young people that you accommodate within your provision, it clearly meets the specific needs that have not been met within a large mainstream setting. Young LAC we have placed within your setting attended, engaged and achieved which is something that they felt emotionally they could not commit to given their trauma prior to entering care.

Staff at The Beacon provide a sensory and nurturing environment and are able to provide a bespoke package of support to young people based on their emotional need and the outcomes are positive which helps support their future aspirations."

Rainford High School

"I thought it was important to contact you and take time out to reflect on the support the Beacon has given to our students over the years. (Please can you share this with your team)

In my time working at Rainford, the Beacon has filled a void to meet the needs of our needy students. Key aspects of this has been the nurture of your staff and the curriculum that you offer. Students are allowed to continue with their GCSE’s. Something we try so hard to do at Rainford whilst trying to support emotional health and wellbeing but we all know that it is not always possible.

Looking back on the past students I have referred and worked with a long side you; and more so student/parent voice? It is important to reflect that I have always had positive feedback from both parents and students. Furthermore, it has been nice to see them grow and achieve under the wing whilst at the Beacon.

Thank you for the opportunities students get along with the understanding and support and nurture to participate in their final GCSE subjects. Also the subjects outside GCSE’s that fill the gaps like life skills which further student skills/confidence. 

So please, ‘All Beacon staff’ I thank you for your dedication and hard work with our students."

De La Salle School

“I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and your staff.

Pupil’s you have supported from De La Salle School, have themselves voiced, that due to your support they feel they can now access their education. You have supported them to remove the barriers to their learning and empowered them to take more responsibly for themselves.

It is a unique provision that truly looks at the holistic needs of each pupil; the packages of support are monitored by a keyworker, who keep school up to date with the pupil’s progress.

All the pupils you have supported wouldn’t be able to thrive in mainstream education due to their complex health needs. In short the Beacon enables vulnerable young people to access education and support in a caring, stimulating environment.”

Rainford High

"We have a number of students we have referred to the Beacon over the last couple of years.  During that time, they have really given an education and emotional support to our students that were not coping in mainstream. 

The contact with school and the transition support is second to none.  They are extremely knowledgeable and caring around students’ needs.  They are fantastic at making relationships with students and parents.  The keyworker role they provide, really allows that member of staff to understand and know a student’s need and get the best out of the students. 

The Beacon provides an amazing service to our vulnerable students with social and emotional health difficulties.  It allows them to access a broad and balanced curriculum in an environment that they feel safe and secure with staff that fully understand their needs.  The staff care a great deal and go above and beyond for their students.

The communication from The Beacon to school is excellent and they always invite us to reviews and keep us informed.

It would be good if we could have a bigger service like this, as there are a number of students we have here that would benefit from accessing such a successful and committed provision.”

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