Reading across the Curriculum 


Reading is key to learning across all subjects and a strong predictor of academic outcome for later life. As such we ensure that pupils are able to access opportunities to read for enjoyment in dedicated curriculum sessions, as well as utilising a plethora of teaching methods to support reading across the curriculum. 

All subject specialists at Tuition complete an annual Reading and Literacy audit to establish how we support literacy across the curriculum. The findings are assessed as a team, and examples of good practice are shared with all subject teachers.  We feel passionately that although reading is most prevalent in English and Reading lessons, reading should be promoted and taught throughout the whole curriculum, which allows the student to take ownership of their own learning. The findings of our most recent audit can be seen below

Any pupils identified as requiring additional support with their reading are offered dedicated one to one targeted support 

For a full breakdown of the reading for pleasure programme of study, please download the Reading curriculum document. 

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