Listen to your Selfie

NSPCC have launched a campaign, Listen To Your Selfie, which aims to teach young people about online sexual abuse and what constitutes a healthy relationship. The campaign, which has been funded by BBC Children in Need, features two films where selfies come to life and question a situation – The Game focuses on a same-sex online grooming scenario, and The Party highlights peer-to-peer sexual pressure and grooming. You can watch The Game and The Party on YouTube on the link below.

CEO Peter Wanless said: “Most of us talk to people online and it’s a great way to stay connected and make new friends. But it can be a playground for paedophiles, exposing young people to groomers who trawl social networks and online game forums exploiting any vulnerabilities they may find. Young people may not understand what is right or wrong in a relationship, or what to do if something makes them feel uncomfortable, online or offline.

‘Listen To Your Selfie’ is aimed at helping young people recognise signs they are being manipulated, controlled or exploited so they feel empowered to make their own decisions or choices. We hope that by putting this in the spotlight we can help young people to feel able to speak up if they feel worried or scared about a situation or relationship.  

Using mobile devices over night

The Headmaster’s and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) has carried out research in partnership with Digital Awareness UK (DAUK) into teenage use of mobile devices overnight. Of 2,750 pupils aged 11-18 who were surveyed, 45% admit they check their mobile device after going to bed (some more than 10 times a night). 32% of these students’ parents are not aware that they check their mobile device after going to bed.

A major survey reveals youngsters are now so addicted to social media that they cannot bear to turn their devices off at night and sleep with them in their beds. The trend is causing sleep deprivation in both primary and secondary school pupils, meaning they are unable to concentrate and work at their optimum in class.


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