Keeping Our Young People Safe Online

For young people the internet and the increasing number of digital devices they use to connect to it is an integral part of their everyday lives. Whether they use it to express themselves or to stay in touch with friends, for entertainment or education, the internet can provide tremendous benefits and most use it safely.

But while digital technology provides a wealth of opportunities, we are all aware that there are online risks and sometimes these risks can lead to harm. At the same time, while young people’s ‘offline’ and ‘online’ worlds are often merging, the behaviours and safeguards of the ‘real’ world are not always applied in a ‘virtual’ world where friends can be added at the click of a button and information shared in an instant.

Below and on the left hand side are useful links to help you in supporting your child becoming more aware of the dangers they might face when using information and communication technologies.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

Get Safe Online

UK Safer Internet Centre

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