At PACE we have the local authority music service delivering weekly lessons to our pupils who follow the national curriculum.


All children across PACE are given the opportunity to learn to play the Ukulele throughout the year.

Ukulele lessons at PACE are centred around the aim of learners being able to play chords as part of pop songs and short melodies for beginner ukulele. Pupils develop their left and right-hand techniques (such as fretting, plucking and strumming), learn good posture and familiarise with some general music theory and concepts along the way (such as song structure, time signature, beats and bars, the elements of music and signs in notation). Every week pupils perform songs together as a group, in a musical learning environment based on inclusion, respect and teamwork.


Song Fest

Song Fest is a music festival organised by the 'Music Service' within the local authority. It is a unit that gives children the opportunity to learn a variety of songs within their singing lessons. This is in preparation for a whole community concert at the end of the year. 

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