TAZ is a confidential service for young people. Even if you are under 16 we won't tell anybody else that you've been to TAZ, and whatever is discussed will only be known to you, us, and whoever you choose to tell.
Very rarely, we might need to share your information with other professionals, but only if we are concerned that you or somebody else is in serious danger, or being hurt. We will always try to talk to you about this first and inform you of anything we do, before talking to anyone else. 

Staff at TAZ will be happy to tell you more about confidentiality, or you can contact The TAZ Outreach Team by email at: taz@sthk.nhs.uk


Pupil Voice

"TAZ is very helpful for young people because they go over very important things and give you access to: contraception, pregnancy tests and STI tests and more."

"Healthy Living is very important for many reasons. It teaches young people to start eating healthily and to take care of your body. Taking care of your body is something everyone should be a part of."

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