Assemblies form an integral part of the curriculum here at Tuition with a clear focus on SMSC and British Values. It is often a powerful way to address topical issues such as Remembrance Sunday/ World Aids day/Holocaust as well informing students of events, giving reminders, and sharing achievements. The theme will often compliment the PSHE or RSE curriculum raising important issues. Assembly themes tend to focus a lot around resilience and growth mind-set encouraging students to strive for what they can believe is the unachievable. This meets the needs of our pupils who don't always have the confidence to challenge themselves and achieve their potential and the 'Success iceberg' is referred to often to prove that point.
The students are required to all be together in the one room in assembly which in itself provides a challenge due to the social anxiety of many of them. However, this prepares them for larger social settings and their transition to college or a work placement Post 16. We often sit the most social anxious first so they are not required to walk into a room full of people. They are encouraged to contribute and give their input when they are comfortable to do so however no one is forced to speak in front of the group. It is the intention that assembles are interactive and fun as well as informative.
Recently to show the 'Success iceberg' in action, students have been invited to share any talents/successes/achievements that they have and discuss what effort and commitment is involved. This is proving really successful and what follows are some examples of this.
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