What do the students say about Launchpad?


It’s great, staff are friendly                                                                                  

Daniel H Year 11 


Launchpad centre is an outstanding institution with excellent teachers         

Jack B Year 11 


Staff have helped me to make more progress than my previous 2 schools  

Phoebe Year 11 


Staff have helped me to calm down                                                                               

Paige Year 11 


What did you enjoy the most at the centre? ‘The staff’                                            

Daniel H, Phoebe, Kurtis 


Teachers are fair so I didn’t kick off                                                                        

Sean Year 11 


What do you feel we did well? The support, progress I made and the relationships with staff                                                                                                      

Rhyana Year 11 


What would you not change about the centre? ‘The staff’                              

Kurtis, Dan L, Daniel H 


What do you think we could do better? ‘Don’t change anything’                

Charlotte and Phoebe – Year 11 



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