Tourism GCSE Equivalent

All Year 11 students at Launchpad will have the opportunity to study Tourism. This qualification is a Level 2 Award in Tourism that is equivalent to a GCSE.

This Vocational Award in Tourism offers a learning experience that focuses learning through applied learning, i.e. acquiring and applying knowledge, skills and understanding through purposeful tasks set in the tourism and business sector that have many of the characteristics of real work.

What is Launchpad aiming to achieve through its Tourism curriculum?
• Gain knowledge of different UK tourist attractions to different types of customers and the factors which influence the tourism sector
• To learn why ‘the customer is always right’
• To develop excellent communication skills
• To create the opportunity to work well with people
• To build transferable skills and become a problem solver
• To pass Level 2 Tourism Award

Studying Tourism gives all students the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification that can be used when applying either for Post 16 education or employment. It provides a sound, intellectually demanding vocational learning experience that is designed to develop and extend the students practical skills in aspects such as customer service. The course will provide opportunities for the students to be aware of and to develop personal qualities of responsibility, appearance, commitment and teamwork in a range of practical and academic situations throughout the assignment tasks they complete.

Units of study:
The learners will study the following topics:
1. Customer Experience
2. The Business of Tourism
3. UK Tourist Destinations

Pupils are assessed 3 times in Year 11 with two internally assessed coursework tasks and a 75-minute examination in June. The examination consists of three questions on each paper; which have short and extended answer questions, based on stimulus material and applied
contexts; each question will have an applied problem solving scenario.

Progression Opportunities:
Learners who achieve this qualification could progress onto endless opportunities: tourism is a worldwide industry, and the skills learned at school are easily transferable: 

Administration Assistant, Adventure Sports Activity Manager, Air Cabin Crew, 
Airport Staff, Concerts, Festivals and Exhibitions Management, Customer Service, Event and Conference Manager, Holiday Rep, Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, Spa and Wellness Management, Tour Manager, Tourist Guide, Travel Agent, Travel Consultant


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