For education, the purpose of ICT is to prepare students for the use and working with computers, and the related social and ethnical issue behind it. The curriculum we have put together has been designed to inform students about the expectations that employers have in terms of ICT capabilities, and the risks that are associated with using ICT in a modern, technologically advanced society. The topics covered include;  

  • E-safety 
  • Microsoft excel proficiency 
  • Functional skills  
  • Animation 

A wide range of topics in ICT has been covered in order to equip students with good subject knowledge and to raise awareness of the negative effects of the use of ICT.  We aim to promote good practice in lessons so that if a student is to return to mainstream school, they are equipped with the tools to be able to thrive in their lessons.


David Winterbottom.

Science & ICT Teacher.


Below is the term time layout for ICT:



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