Catch Up Funding

Alternative Education Summer School 2021 – Catch up Funding

Academic activities

• Additional tuition and exam resits in Maths and English functional skills
• Job Search Package – CV preparation, covering letters and job applications
support, interview skills
• Support for next steps into post 16 placements – liaising with colleges and
providers to arrange interviews and support transition
• Personal and Social Development studies in mental health, healthy eating and
money management
• Hair and Beauty demonstrations

Enrichment activities

• Team building activities
• Personal and social skills development
• Bowling
• Skate park
• Eating out
• Cinema
• Football Match
• Celebration day
• Theme Park visit


• The summer programme took place across 2 Alternative Education Providers
over 16 days
• 33 pupils were offered places and 23 pupils attended
• 120 pupil days were attended in total
• Attendance was maximised by contacts home (Letters, ‘phone, emails) to
discuss the programme content and benefits to the pupils. Tutors offered a
variety of academic and engaging enrichment activities to encourage
attendance, listening to pupil voice to provide the support the pupils felt they
needed to help them with their next steps. Encouragement and positive
feedback were used to support attendance, alongside the positive
relationships already built over the preceding placement.

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