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Alternative Provisions have access to the online training platform Creative Education. We are excited to offer you opportunity to access to their Community Membership. This will give you admittance to, live webinars, over a 100 on demand course which are made up of a series of bite-sized video. You can watch them all in one go, or spread them out, whatever suits you best.

For every completed course you can download a certificate to mark your progress. Your free membership also gives you access to a range of excellent recourses from Podcasts, Blogs and Guides.

Creative Education offer support on a variety of subjects from SEND pathway, PMLD/Complex Needs Mental Health, Neurodiverse Conditions, LGBTQ+, to keeping your child safe online. If you are struggling to find a course that can aid your specific need, please contact your child’s school and they can aid you in finding the correct support.  Each course will have a picture with a summary of video material, the type of course and whether it has a certificate.

Each of our courses has between 5-10 videos which last between 3-5 minutes. There are no essays, workbooks, or quizzes - just practical ideas that you can take and apply with your child. All courses have been developed by experts in their field.

For more information regarding your membership please click here to download the Creative Education user guide.





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