Welcome to the Alternative Provision Service for St Helens.

We have primary and secondary Pupil Referral Units across 3 sites in St Helens.

St Helens PACE, Derbyshire Hill Road is the location for the PACE Primary Pupil Referral Unit and Launchpad KS3 base.

Launchpad KS4 base is located on College Street.

Launchpad Tuition base is located in the Beacon building, also on College Street.

PACE and Launchpad offer alternative provision across 4 teaching bases (PACE, KS3, KS4 and a medical PRU (the tuition base)) and we refer into 4 quality assured private providers for vocational qualifications at KS4. It caters for complex pupils in St Helens with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties. The majority of pupils remain dual registered with their mainstream schools.

Pupils study the national curriculum towards GCSE’s in the teaching bases, while the private providers offer a wide range of vocational learning experiences, linked accreditation, functional skills and social and personal development opportunities.

PACE and Launchpad promote a positive teaching and learning environment and strong relationships between pupils, staff, parents, schools and partner agencies.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about us.


To provide a high quality, personalised educational experience that meets learners’ needs and leads to success for all.


A positive and inclusive community where young people are encouraged to achieve high standards of progress and succeed in a supported, safe environment.

Our Values / Principles

Individuals Aspirations Raised

New Experiences

Safety and Support

Personalised Programme

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Excellence in Learning

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