All school age children have been affected by school closure and unprecedented events in 2020 and 2021. These events have caused interruption to education and to the ability of young people to socialise effectively.

Launchpad Key Stage 3 has remained open throughout both lockdown situations. We are pleased that we were able open for all vulnerable students from March 2020. Many of our students attended regularly throughout this time.

In January 2021 all students were invited into school. Those who were shielding were given daily tuition on their doorstep. This allowed us to see them every day and to ensure that they completed work. This was very popular with parents and students as a substitute for school attendance.

This close relationship with students and parents made it possible for the return to school on 8th March to run smoothly. Our students have returned to school and engaged well. Although home learning and home tuition have kept our students in touch with their studies and school staff, the best way for students to learn is in school.

From 8th March students will be taught in their form groups with form tutors. They will engage in core subjects, history and PSHE. They will also engage in supported literacy, numeracy and reading. This is to ensure that any gaps to learning and missed topics are addressed.

Students have missed out on several months of professional teaching and the opportunities to socialise with friends. Our recovery curriculum addresses all these aspects to ensure that our students have the best possible opportunity to work hard on Literacy, Numeracy and Reading in addition to our regular curriculum. There are also opportunities to enjoy social activities and to socialise in healthy ways. Students can take part in P.E. cooking, arts and crafts, model making and horticulture.

All students will have the opportunity to work 1-1 with support staff to boost their literacy and numeracy progress. They will follow the “accelerated reader” programme. Students will receive 3, 45-minute lessons each week dedicated to functional skills. All students will receive ability and progress appropriate tasks to ensure progress.


For a full outline of what our students study, and for how long each week, please refer to the 'Subject Study Overview' section.

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