Outreach offers an opportunity for pupils to continue to develop their academic knowledge without accessing a formal school environment. For some pupils, this involves developing their confidence and self-esteem which has been challenged by the inability to access mainstream schools. Our pupils are working towards returning to school - whether part-time or full-time - depending on their individual needs.

Some of our pupils may have an EHCP and be currently in transition and are awaiting a move to a special school or returning to mainstream school. Often, they are 'non-attenders' with either; severe anxiety or extreme behavioural concerns that are preventing them from physically accessing school. And so, with outreach's 1-1 tuition, these students will have the opportunity to find a way to return to school at a slow, achievable, pace.

Outreach also offers a 1-1 catch-up service for students who have been unable to attend school and complete set work. Outreach offers professional teaching at home and at work for these students to encourage them to re-engage with their core subjects (English, Mathematics, and Science).

By promoting the highest standards of teaching and learning - whilst working in partnership with the students' families - we strive to ensure that our students are at the core of all we do. We seek to explore and celebrate the qualities that make our pupils unique. We believe passionately that education is about the development and nurture of every student. We aspire for all our students to become confident, happy, and caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a love of learning, and a love of life.


Sonia McQuade.

Outreach Teacher.

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