The aim of Launchpad Key Stage 3 is to prepare young people for a successful future by:


Increasing Their Access to Learning. This is Achieved With:

Smaller Classes

Our pupils are taught in groups of up to 8 pupils. All classes are supported by an experienced S.L.A. (Senior Learning assistant) This provides consistent high-quality academic support in all areas of the curriculum. Our classes are chosen by nature of difficulty and academic progress. This allows our pupils to experience a tutor group setting which caters for their need. Whether this is the drive for academic progress or a nurturing environment.


Bespoke Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to include many aspects of Key Stage 3 learning. Core subjects are taught by subject specialists, who are also experienced in working in this environment. We also offer an extended curriculum which includes History, I.T. and P.S.H.E. We take time and effort to address the challenges that our young people face every day. Close attention is paid to these aspects of our pupils’ lives. These are addressed in our extended curriculum.


Academic Support

We have high academic expectations of all our pupils. We expect them to make academic progress and work hard to ensure this. Many of our young people have underachieved in mainstream school and lack confidence. All pupils are assessed as they enter Launchpad Key Stage 3, they are then given the support necessary to regain confidence and to progress academically. Progress is measured academically and socially.


Enhancing Their Personal and Social Development Skills and Confidence, So They Can Make the Best of Life’s Opportunities.

Our pupils arrive, having struggled to adhere to the many expectations and rules of mainstream secondary schools. They may have had to navigate difficult home circumstances or suffered from personal tragedies or traumas. They may have an underlying condition or need, which has made education difficult for them. We address these issues with the following strategies. This achieved by


Providing a Caring Environment Where They Can Feel Safe and Supported.

We understand that a change of provision for some pupils is stressful. Our pupils arrive with the feeling that they have already “failed” in their previous academic setting. We reward effort and achievement and support everyone in this process. We offer a nurturing approach to our pupils. They have access to a skilled form team, to support them every day. We foster a “family” ethos. All pupils regularly speak to the teacher in charge to review progress and to discuss their next steps. This allows them to have a say in their own future.


Increasing Their Self-Worth and Self Confidence

Our young people are given the academic tools to increase confidence as they return to mainstream education. Other provisions are alerted of the ingredients to their success so that these may be replicated there.


Addressing and Supporting Existing Difficulties

We have very close links with external agencies who also support our young people. The nature of our service means that our pupils are more likely to, be involved in criminal activity, be exploited, have experienced childhood trauma, have an undiagnosed medical condition, experience poverty, have misused illegal substances, have poor attendance than their mainstream counterparts. We work closely with agencies to support our young people. This as addressed as part of our curriculum. PSHE subjects and workshops address these issues. Visiting professionals work with our pupils alongside our staff. We enjoy close productive relationships with YPDAAT, YJS, school nurse and Social Care.


Excellent Relationships with Parents/Carers:

The Education of Every Child Is Underpinned by the Relationship Between Home and School.

We are very proud of our relationship with parents/carers. Contact is as positive as possible and offers of support are swift and effective. Lack of confidence in Parents/carers has hindered them, this is addressed with positive daily contact to discuss their child’s day. The non-judgmental offer of support is appreciated.


Improving Attendance

On entry, many pupils have lower than expected attendance, this occurs for a variety of reasons including poor progress, anxiety, lack of parental influence, exclusion.

We encourage all pupils to attend daily by offering a curriculum and experiences which is enjoyable and worthwhile to our pupils. Building self-esteem and confidence. Supporting parents to ensure that their children attend school.

Intervention is swift and supportive, home visits and the support of EWS is used. Good attendance is expected.

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