Our pupils often have negative experiences of education. They have low self-confidence and low self-esteem. They lack confidence as learners.

We hope to foster positive attitudes towards school and learning in every child attending our provision. We support our pupils to be independent learners, resilient, and to communicate effectively.

The relationship with form tutors and support staff is central to this. Our pupils receive 25 minutes of form time daily, in which they prepare for the day ahead and review and set targets for the next day.

There is a weekly lesson dedicated to mentoring with their form tutor. This relationship allows individual time with form staff and the opportunity to speak about their progress in school.

Mentoring lessons give pupils the opportunity to discuss all aspects of progress. These are attendance, academic progress, behaviour improvement, and the ability to be a good learner. High quality relationships, patience, and respect are central to the improvements that our pupils make.

Mentoring as a timetabled lesson allows pupils to take ownership of their own progress.

Mentoring allows our students to develop:

  • Independence.
  • Emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • Appropriate communication skills.
  • The ability to contribute to society through citizenship skills and preparedness for work.
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