We hope that our pupils will follow our simple guidelines to success:

  • Come to school every day.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Look smart and dress with pride.
  • Work hard. Enjoy learning.
  • Treat others with respect.


Our school day begins at 8.45am with registration.

Pupils are expected to arrive at this time. To encourage good punctuality, pupils arriving on time will be offered breakfast.


Pupils attend 5 lessons per day and are encouraged, to complete work set.

Pupils are supported to take pride in their work and achievements. They are supported to complete any unfinished work.


Pupils are expected to wear appropriate uniform each day.

We encourage pupils to look smart and wear uniform. Uniform is required to access our rewards.


Pupils are expected to be polite to staff.

Staff treat pupils with respect, we ask that they do the same. Good manners and politeness will always be rewarded.


Equipment is provided here, treat it with respect.

Pupils breaking equipment or neglecting it will be required to use their rewards to replace them. In the event of expensive damage, we may ask parents to pay for this.



Achievement points are awarded for following our guidelines in each lesson. Excellent effort, good manners, politeness, exemplar work is also rewarded with achievement points.

Added up these points can be used to purchase rewards from out “tuck shop” each day or saved for larger rewards.

Negative points are awarded for poor effort, rudeness to staff, refusal. We guide students to earn more positive points than negative during the day. Pupils will always be guided to achieve and to learn from their mistakes.

Form tutors detail our expectations and rewards each day. Parents/carers are made aware of these during our induction process.

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