We embed British Values across the curriculum

Democracy – A right to having your say

  • We have the right to vote
  • We have tutorial sessions in Learning Provision that explore democratic rights
  • We have a say in what happens in our Learning Provision

Rule of law – Understanding why we have rules and laws

  • We understand the benefits of living within the laws of society
  • We develop fair rules in our classrooms and workshops
  • We have and follow rules within our Learning Provision which are designed to keep us safe.

Individual Liberty – A right to freedom whilst following the rule of law and knowing the consequence of our actions

  • We recognise that individual liberty comes with responsibility as well as rights
  • We are empowered and encouraged within Learning Provision to make informed choices
  • We have the right of self-expression

Mutual Respect – Respecting and treating others as we would want to be treated

  • We recognise how to respect others in our society
  • We respect and celebrate the diversity in our Learning Provision and in the wider community
  • We work together and respect each other’s viewpoints
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