Our provision helps pupils who require support to re-engage themselves with their mainstream school. As an SEMH provision, we work hard to encourage our young people to continue to improve their academic progress, as well as developing their behavioural and social skills.

Many of our pupils THRIVE in smaller environments, with added support in class. We aim to be a ‘short-stay school’ and help our pupils develop self-confidence in learning and strategies to help manage their emotions and behaviour. They can also catch up on missing learning if they need to. All these skills will help them to succeed when they make a positive return to their mainstream schools.




Alternatively, many of our students request to remain with Launchpad, and continue into our KS4 provision; we always support them if this is their wish. For those who do wish to return to mainstream schools, we work very hard to communicate and negotiate with schools in the borough to ensure our pupils can attend with the correct help and support, and the opportunity to settle and flourish in their next steps in education.

Some of our pupils require additional support, either academically or to support their mental health. We ensure all parents/guardians that we will work with themselves to ensure that the correct support is given to their child; we use our expertise and experience to work with SEND and community health support to refer pupils we feel need extra support or have undiagnosed medical conditions, which affect progress and behaviour. We do everything we can to support our children to progress academically. We assess all pupils on entry and work to help them catch up on missed work and to learn new skills in all subjects.



We ask parents/carers to support their child in:

  • Good Attendance and Punctuality.
  • Good behaviour.
  • Hard work in lessons.
  • Looking smart in uniform.

We will:

  • Work hard for your child in all lessons.
  • Support them to improve social skills and behaviour.
  • Ensure that they are given the best chance to succeed in the provision that suits them best.
  • Support you to help your child succeed.
  • Work with your child’s school to give them the best chance of success.


Andrew Ford.

Acting Teacher in Charge.


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