At Launchpad our students are students are given and advice and support about sexual health and relationships through PSHE lessons and working with several outside agencies. These include

  • TAZ (Teen Advice Zone)

Sexual Health and Relationships support for young people in St Helens is being delivered by TAZ (Teen Advice Zone). We work closely with TAZ and can make referrals to them to offer support to your child if you feel this would needed

TAZ (Teen Advice Zone).

TAZ work with Launchpad throughout the year and offer a range of group work, one to one and drop on sessions.They can:

  • Support young people to help them make positive choices about sex and relationships
  • Work with young people to improve self-esteem, positive body image and resilience
  • Promotion of sexual health clinics, including advocacy and support to young people accessing them
  • Support young people to make effective contraception choices (including long acting reversible contraception)
  • Advice and guidance around pregnancy choices, including termination of pregnancy
  • Interventions to encourage safer sex and reduce risk of STI's
  • One to one support for young people who are at risk of early parenting /poor sexual health

TAZ offer our students free confidential support and can access the following:

Information, advice and guidance about ANYTHING to do with sexual health, including questions about relationships, puberty, periods, body changes and growing up.

Contraception (contraceptive pill, implant, injection, patch, coil and condoms) and advice about which type is best for you

Emergency Contraception (the Morning After Pill) to prevent unwanted pregnancy (available for up to 5 days after unprotected sex). If TAZ is closed you can get Free Emergency Contraception from these Chemists

Pregnancy testing and guidance on your options and next steps if you think you may be pregnant

Testing for some sexually transmitted infections, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea,  HIV and Syphilis (more info about infections here)

Sources and Further Reading: TAZ website

If you have got any concerns please contact the Teacher in Charge at your child's school via telephone or email. You can also Contact Staff at TAZ will be happy to tell you more about confidentiality, or you can contact The TAZ Outreach Team by email at: taz@sthk.nhs.uk


Pupil Voice

"TAZ is very helpful for young people because they go over very important things and give you access to: contraception, pregnancy tests and STI tests and more."

"Healthy Living is very important for many reasons. It teaches young people to start eating healthily and to take care of your body. Taking care of your body is something everyone should be a part of."


To make an appointment, please call us on:

07795452161 or 01744 646473        

or email us at taz@sthk.nhs.uk

TAZ Clinic

The Millennium Centre (First Floor)
Corporation Street
St.Helens Town Centre
WA10 1HJ (near the bus station)

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