St Helens Young Carers

What We Do
We offer support to children and young people aged 6 – 21 years of age who have a caring role. 
Through our work we want to build resilience and confidence so that Young Carers can manage their caring responsibilities. We look at how we can reduce the impact that caring can have on a Young Carers life; and find ways to improve their health and well being, both physical and emotional. 
We do this by;
 Working with the Young Carer and their families to reduce the caring responsibilities for the young carer and improve life for the whole family. 
 We also work in partnership with many organisations to make sure additional support is available to young carers and their families.  

How can the young carer’s team support you?

Our young carer team is made up of family support officers, an outreach worker and activities coordinator and our service manager.

Family support officers work with our families and young carer’s to offer a package of support whether this is big or small with the aim to reduce the caring role of our young carers. We will work with you step by step by liaising with other professionals and school’s to coordinate and advocate ensuring you are supported in your caring role. The family support officers can help to make any referrals or sign post you to agencies and services that also may be able to help.

The Young carers Outreach officer works with school staff and other agencies so that they are more aware of Young Carers and what they do and how they can play their part to support and help them. 

The Activities Co-Ordinator is responsible for organising and planning all of our respite activities and sessions and will be there when you attend your respite with us!


Contact us

Telephone: 01744 677 279 (Monday – Friday 9:30 – 4pm)

You can email us at

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