Launchpad KS4 PRU - Curriculum Statement

Our intent for each learner at Launchpad KS4 is to inspire and re-engage in learning. It is to create an environment which invites all to reflect on their true potential within a nurturing educational community. Each subject area includes enriching experiences to support the curriculum as well as lifelong learning. Our curriculum ultimately is to inspire young people to learn and positively engage in their learning journey through to Post 16. Our curriculum focuses on pupils’ well-being, learning and preparation for the future.

We have 6 periods a day which are 45 -50 minutes long. Our curriculum offer is flexible and adapted to individual and group need. Students starting points are varied and staff are skilled to accommodate this, plugging gaps in learning and supporting students to progress through a demanding GCSE curriculum.
Learning - We aim for students to leave here with a core of 4/5 qualifications. Students can access GCSE and Functional Skills in Maths, English, Biology, Tourism, Childcare, History and RE. We base our principles on nurture so there is a focus on understanding behaviour, improving communication and developing self- esteem. We offer small teaching groups in a safe and supportive space in which our young people can thrive.
Wellbeing- We have created a family atmosphere with staff supporting pupils throughout the school day. PSHE is an integral part of our curriculum and is reflective of issues that face and challenge young people today. We work with a variety of agencies to support the emotional, social and mental well -being of our students.
Post 16: We focus on careers primarily in Year 11 with 1:1 meetings with students each term and Year 10 have a programme of group activity. The majority of our students are on a mixed package with us and will spend 2/3 days at an alternative provider on a more vocational route. Our Careers Policy is guided by Gatsby Benchmarks.
Our Curriculum includes many social, moral, spiritual and cultural opportunities for learning. We have an enrichment programme offering a range of outdoor activities and team building opportunities as well as a residential experience.

At Launchpad our aim is to reengage students with education in order to increase their opportunities at Post 16. We work with some of the most disengaged young people in the borough and we are proud to see how they develop with us, improving their resilience, confidence and self-esteem.
Pupil progress is recorded and learning is planned around their identified next steps. In lessons pupils collaborate and support each other. The qualifications pupils achieve allows us to assess the impact of our provision. Even participating in exams demonstrates a student’s commitment to learning and their ability to work independently when completing these exams.
A number of our students achieve 5 GCSE qualifications or more and are inspired to go onto college for further education and apprenticeship opportunities.



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