PSHE is designed to offer our students the opportunity to understand and develop critical thinking within a day-to-day context. We aim to promote a sense of resilience and independence for all our students. Within our lessons, we offer them a range of life skills to our students can use as they develop into mature, young, people who are better able to make positive life choices.



We have close links with other services in St. Helens. Our pupils can engage with professionals on a 1-1 basis or in group sessions. As you are aware, many of our young people are supported by external agencies and we provide a safe productive environment for these visits. The safety of our pupils outside school is also important. Our work with visiting speakers encourages this. We are pleased to invite YPDAAT, YOTthe Police, Catch 22, the School Nurse, and Healthy Schools to work with us on a regular basis.


Craig Shaw.

English & PSHE teacher.


Below is the term time layout for PSHE:



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