'KS3 Skills Certificates' is a personal, nurturing, and student-centred approach to learning. It is predominantly for students who are unable to access a mainstream curriculum. Home visits combine a combination of quality education, mentoring, and support, to offer our students the knowledge and confidence to steadily make a return to full-time education at school.

For students who are unable to complete work set by subject leaders due to low levels, or poor engagement, our pupils are offered the opportunity to study and complete the units. Each lesson delivered will be presented with a set of individual learning outcomes for the students to complete. All progress made by students is recorded and kept up to date.

The units are generally chosen by the student, usually through their individual interests, for example, cars, fishing, cooking. This encourages the student to take ownership of their own learning; allowing them to have a say in the work they need to complete. This enables them to successfully meet their objects and outcomes.

The unit work is ideal as it rewards students for short units of work. The 'Skill Certificates' provides the building blocks of a broad and balanced alternative curriculum, which also motivates and offers a positive experience of learning. The units are used also as steppingstones to other awards and qualifications, which can help to improve our students' career goals as it provides an obvious short-term, or long-term, accreditation pathway to meet individual needs.

Many of our pupils have missed a large part of their education due to COVID. In addition to this time missed, our pupils are all P.A. on entry. This results in below average progress in Literacy and Numeracy.

In order to close the gap between working levels, chronological levels and expected levels; All of our pupils are given access to Catch up Literacy and numeracy. A specific staff member is employed to deliver this programme two days per week. All pupils are offered a Literacy and Numeracy Intervention each week.

All pupils are offered the chance to read 1 to 1 out loud each week. This improves confidence and reading age. Pupils’ reading age is tested on entry and during their time with us. The majority of pupils increase their reading age in their time here.


Sonia McQuade.

Outreach & Unit Work Teacher.

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